Keeping it all inside, for close to 25 years

  • The BCU-2 Sealed Negative Pressure IVC from Allentown is the premier Biocontainment IVC in the laboratory animal science industry. It’s predecessor – the BCU – was pioneered by Allentown close to a quarter century ago to address the challenges posed by traditional isolators, and bring the convenience of IVCs to the rigor of biocontainment research.

    The BCU-2 is an improved unit that maintains the solid, reliable performance of the original BCU, while providing the lightweight, streamlined ease-of-use of the Allentown NexGen family of IVCs.

    The result is a biocontainment system that reduces or eliminates the exposure of laboratory staff and their environment to potentially hazardous agents, but does so while offering the following unique features and benefits:

    For all of these reasons, and more, the BCU-2 is the perfect marriage of functionality and ease of use, and the perfect housing solution for researchers and facilities where the highest level of containment and functionality are imperative for the safety and success of their BSL studies.

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