Over 1,000,000 environments for life-improving research and discovery

  • Recently, Allentown celebrated the providing of our 1,000,000th and 1,000,001st research environments within our NexGen line. In honor of those achievements, Allentown was proud to make a contribution to the Mayo Clinic – Comparative Medicine Division and the HUG Private Foundation – which is the charitable foundation of the University Hospitals of Geneva and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva.

    These donations will go directly toward active biomedical research initiatives and support our common goal of the pursuit of research and discovery that improves lives.

    As a nonprofit, Mayo Clinic relies on generous, compassionate people to support that mission: solving the world’s most serious and complex medical challenges — one patient at a time. Gifts from benefactors accelerate powerful innovations in patient care, research and education. Allentown was thrilled to be able to direct our contribution to a specific area of discovery. We selected Comparative Medicine, as this is the field in which thousands of our partners have specialized throughout the years, and have achieved ground-breaking advancements in the quest to improve life. For more information on how you could contribute to the Mayo Clinic, please click here.

    The HUG Private Foundation supports projects that further medical understanding and quality care, to benefit all patients. Allentown was thrilled to be able to select a specific translational study which would receive our contribution. We selected a diabetes study, where researchers have had success demonstrating a possible cellular conversion in the pancreas to make insulin produced by cells not intended for that function. This regeneration capacity was demonstrated in mice, and success has been found most recently with human cells. For more information on how you could contribute to the HUG Private Foundation, please click here.

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