Allentown Partners with Capital Partners

  • Allentown is pleased to announce our partnership with Capital Partners Holdings, Inc. (“Capital Partners”; Allentown (, a leading global provider of life science solutions, and Capital Partners, a private equity firm managing a $600 million fund focused on long-term equity investments in leading management-held businesses, will combine expertise and capital to help Allentown solidify and expand its position as the world leader in biomedical research support.  Allentown will pursue growth initiatives through both internal efforts as well as strategic add-on acquisitions.

    John Coiro, who will continue in his role as CEO and Chairman of the Board for the newly formed Allentown, LLC stated, “Our service to the biomedical research industry has always been rooted in integrity and care, and that is what has driven our growth and success over the past 50 years. I can’t express the level of excitement I have for the future, now gaining exceptional partners such as Capital Partners. Greater things are on the horizon.”

    Connecticut-based Capital Partners has a history of investing in partnership with family and management-owners. Their approach includes robust capital structures for investment companies and providing strategic expertise to support long-term growth, including organic and acquisition-driven expansion into new products and services.

    “Allentown has built an exceptionally strong foundation through longevity, renowned product innovation, quality and customer service” said Russ Spieler, Managing Director of Capital Partners. “Allentown is a perfect fit with our approach towards improvement through teamwork, investment and innovation.” 

    For more information, contact Joe Romano, Director of Marketing. 609-462-7210