Automation: The Better Way – Streamline Your Cage Processing

Welcome to BetterBuilt Automation, where we’re helping research facilities worldwide to streamline cage wash processes—the Better Way. What makes it the better way? Read the blog to learn more! Read entire story →

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Lab Animal Tech Week is an annual celebration dedicated to recognizing and honoring the indispensable contributions of laboratory animal technicians in scientific research.

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Discover How Wild Mouse Gut Microbiota Can Influence Reliable Research

In our recent webinar, the “‘Wilding of Laboratory Mouse Gut Microbiota at GSU,” speakers Michael W. Hart, DVM, MS, DACLAM, and Rex A. Howard DVM and DACLAM discuss their groundbreaking research at Georgia State University on wild mouse gut microbiota. During this enlightening session, they discuss the profound impact of  “wilding” mouse gut microbiota on […]

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Whether you join us from academia, a research institution, or a commercial entity, AALAS 2023 Salt Lake City has something special just for you.

Proven Ways to Refine Your Laboratory Animals’ Drinking Water

In our recent webinar, Robert C. Dysko, DVM, DACLAM, discusses how researchers can enhance research by improving laboratory animals’ drinking water.

Ways Cage Washing Prevents Disease Transmission in Your Research

The ways cage washing prevents disease transmission in research based on an article from the Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.