3 Amazing Benefits of Low-Stress Dosing for Post-Op Rodents

Low-stress dosing for postoperative rodents is so critical; its benefits could be helpful for efforts toward refinement in lab animal research. Read entire story →

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The Most Astonishing Ways FlexFlow Enhances Ergonomics

We all know how important ergonomics are in the workplace. Ergonomic equipment can make or break the success of any operation. And this is especially true in lab animal science.  Ergonomic equipment in lab animal research helps improve employee comfort, decrease stress, and increase productivity.¹  And couldn’t we all benefit from a more ergonomic work […]

Could Non-Invasive Identification be Remarkable for LAS?

Is there an opportunity for new, non-invasive identification methods in your lab animal research? Opportunities to enhance lab animal welfare, and lab animal science, are constantly presenting themselves in new ways.

Expert Tips for the Best Analgesic Plan in Animal Research

If you’re passionate about the well-being of your animal models, you have probably considered using an analgesic plan in your research. It’s an effective way to reduce and minimize pain in animal subjects. So, does your particular study warrant the use of pain management? Or, if you’re already using analgesics in your animal research, are […]

MAX IVC Makes More Room In the Same Room

With the cost of floor space increasing with each passing year, every research facility in the Lab Animal Science industry understands the need to maximize cage density within their vivarium. Enter EasyCage® MAX and NexGen MAX, the new High Density IVC and Cage Systems from Allentown that increase cage density by 20% - using IVCs that are the same size and occupy the same footprint as our standard units.

What You Can Do Right Now to Advance and Implement the 3Rs

Refinement, Reduction, and Replacement are a key part of humane animal research and quality science. However, implementing 3Rs practices can be exceptionally challenging especially when working independently.

How Dr. Norman B. Guilloud’s Spectacular Impact in Lab Animal Science is Revolutionary

Chances are that you’ve met, worked with, or heard of Laboratory Animal Science Pioneer, Norman B. Guilloud, DVM. No matter where your familiarity lies, Dr. Guilloud’s story is one worth telling and his dedication to animal welfare and scientific discovery is nothing less than remarkable.