The Best of Our 2022 Educational Lab Animal Science Webinars

As we look back on 2022, we can’t help but marvel at the inspiring refinements and contributions made by the laboratory animal science community. It’s been our pleasure to host and make space for more discussion and education among lab animal professionals in our 2022 educational lab animal science webinars.  Read entire story →

Blog Stories

How to Control C. bovis in Lab Mice Studies

Based on our webinar, Neil S. Lipman discusses the challenges that C. bovis continues to pose to institutions using immunodeficient mouse models in oncology and other scientific disciplines.

The Amazing History of IVC Technology in Biomedical Research

Try to imagine laboratory animal science without IVC technology. It’s hard to picture, right? That's because IVC technology has revolutionized biomedical research.

How to Prepare for Disasters in Cage Wash Operations

Based on a webinar presented by Nirah H. Shomer, DVM, PHD, DACLAM, here is how to plan for disasters in lab animal facilities that impact cage wash operations.

Which Variables Make Studying the Gut Microbiome of Mice Unique?

Researchers are discovering how sensitive the gut microbiome of mice is. For example, the slightest variation in husbandry practices could alter it drastically.

5 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Laboratory Animal Program

Are you searching for ways to revamp your laboratory animal program? Based on our Webinar with Jeetendra R. Eswaraka, BVS, PhD, DACLAM, here are his solutions.

How to Knock Out WAG in Your Lab Animal Facility

Learn how to identify, reduce, and eliminate harmful WAG in your lab animal facility. Anyone working in a facility that administers anesthesia is at risk of exposure to WAG.