Phileas® Disinfection Case Study #1

  • Biomedical Research Facility

    Prepare and execute a disinfection protocol for IVCs

    Employing the portable Phileas® 25 airborne surface disinfection device, and following the previously established and tested protocol below, an IVC rack was placed into a locked room with blowers connected and all rack openings closed.

    The protocol was then successfully executed and validated through biological markers that had been previously placed in various locations on the rack and inside the plenums.

    The Protocol Employed 
    Volume treated (room with IVC rack)5 m³
    Dose of disinfectant: O2Safe® 7.4 (7,4% hydrogen peroxide solution)12 ml/m³
    Number of cycles2
    Final contact time2-3 hours

    Not for use in USA, not EPA Approved