Of Mice and Humans: Elevating Laboratory Mouse Welfare for Robust Behavioral Experimentation

Presented by
Dr. Thomas D. Prevot, PhD

This session will offer a comprehensive exploration of animal welfare within laboratory settings, with a specific emphasis on mice.

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Vision, Mission, Strategy

Presented by
Jeetendra Reddy Eswaraka, BVSc, PhD, DACLAM, ECFVG

Laboratory animal programs are complex organizations with multiple and diverse components —veterinary services, husbandry, facilities, logistics, vendor management, and customer service which all require individual and group skills to execute effectively.

Strategies to Improve Personnel Management

Presented by
Jori Leszczynski, DVM, DACLAM

Personnel management—when done well—has always required time and effort, especially in a highly regulated environment such as animal research. This has been made even harder with the significant societal shifts over the past few years with challenges related to in-person communication, training, and requests for increased flexibility of schedules.

Continuous Improvement in the Lab Animal Field

Presented by
David W. Brammer, DVM, DACLAM

What is continuous improvement, and why is it essential for the laboratory animal field? Join David W. Brammer, DVM, DACLAM, as he contrasts continuous improvement management principles with several reactive crisis management styles.

Minimizing Dosing Stress During the Pre- and Post-Operative Period

Presented by
Dr. Karen Froberg-Fejko

Rodent surgical models are instrumental in biomedical research; therefore, establishing healthy defined animal models is crucial to this research. Surgical procedures produce metabolic changes and stress in rodents, which can delay recovery and increase morbidity. A goal of post-operative care is to minimize stress in the animal, thereby improving the ability of the animal to heal and recover and provide reliable research outcomes.

What’s Next? Unfinished Business for Lab Animal Care Webinar

Presented by
Dr. Steve Niemi

Dr. Steve Niemi, Attending Veterinarian and Director of the Animal Science Center at Boston University, takes a brief look back on how far we’ve come in lab animal husbandry and medicine. Then, he will highlight areas in which we can further improve the welfare of animal research subjects and the quality of science that relies on them. Moderated by Cindy A. Buckmaster, Ph.D., CMAR, RLATG.

Current Practices for the Use of Analgesics in Laboratory Animal Medicine Webinar

Presented by
Hilton Klein, VMD, MS

Dr. Hilton Klein, Laboratory Animal Medicine Consultant, will explore preoperative and postoperative modalities for pain management with a focus on rodents and nonhuman primates. Moderated by Dr. Cindy Buckmaster, this session will address both animal and researcher perspectives across key areas.