Automation: The Better Way – Streamline Your Cage Processing

  • At Allentown, we’re helping research facilities worldwide to streamline cage wash processes—the Better Way. What makes it the better way? It’s our unwavering commitment to tailoring solutions that precisely meet your facility’s unique needs and requirements. 

    Let’s dive deeper. If you’re seeking traditional robotics technology to enhance your operations, we’ve got you covered. Alternatively, if you prioritize cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, and increased operational efficiency, Activ Automation emerges as the preferred choice. Engineered to minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency, it offers a compelling alternative to traditional robotics, aligning with your commitment to sustainability and integrity. 

    Your research requirements are our top priority. We’re dedicated to working closely with you every step of the way, ensuring that our solutions seamlessly integrate into your operations. With our expertise and personalized approach, you can trust that you’re receiving top-notch quality and service every time you choose BetterBuilt Automation. 

    Is Automation Right for My Laboratory Animal Research Facility? 

    Want to Learn More About Activ Automation?

    You might be wondering if an automation solution is right for your facility. We’re seeing automation do some amazing things – including reducing the risk of injury, creating better lab safety, and building more efficient processes.  

    Although each laboratory animal facility has its own set of unique challenges; every facility has challenges. There is always the pressure to complete processes faster while improving safety and cleanliness standards. Additionally, the biomedical research community strives to improve work conditions for lab animal professionals and reduce exposure to harmful allergens. All while maintaining the highest integrity.  

    Leading automation providers can help to solve many of the challenges that lab animal research facilities face. The latest advances in automation technology have made routine processes far easier to control and accomplish. 

    The Benefits of Activ Automation 

    The first and foremost benefit of our Activ Automation solution is partnering with BetterBuilt, an Allentown Company. We customize solutions to fit your precise needs as they are, and help you adapt as they evolve. But there are some more benefits to Activ Automation. Let’s dive into a few!  

    1. Enhance Cage Wash Throughput Capabilities

    Timely dumping, washing, and returning cages is essential for maintaining the integrity of ongoing research. Consistency in throughput is paramount to meet the stringent needs of research facilities. Recognizing these challenges, BetterBuilt introduces our automation system, Activ. Our innovative automation technology streamlines the entire cage processing workflow.   

    2. Activ Automation Improves Employee Safety

    Our automation technology significantly improves employee safety by offering protection from hazardous allergens in dirty side cage wash. The fully enclosed automated dumping system ensures that operators can carry out their tasks with minimal direct exposure to potentially harmful allergens. 

     Also, BetterBuilt’s Activ automation system is significantly different from a traditional robotics automation system, we eliminate the need for safety barriers or enclosures that are typically required to shield individuals from potentially dangerous robotic operations.     

    3. Advances Modular Design

    Our tailored approach involves working closely with our clients to customize solutions that exceed requirements. We collaborate with you to understand the intricacies of your facility, allowing us to design and implement solutions that maximize floor space efficiently and provide the throughput capacity you require. Our load and unload queue stations soiled and clean diverters, and various cart offerings provide this flexibility.    

    Our Activ automation system is modular in design and inherently requires 30-40% less space when compared to traditional robotic automation systems. This significant reduction in footprint is a game-changer for facilities, allowing you to allocate your valuable floor space more efficiently.  

    4. More Operational Consistency

    With BetterBuilt’s suite of automation products, we provide complete integration of all equipment, through ethernet connectivity. Ensuring that your cage wash area is operating smoothly and consistently. With our automated systems, research facilities can rely on consistent throughput.  

    5. Increases Economical Savings

    BetterBuilt automation offers significant cost savings through reduced energy consumption and improved productivity. It consumes approximately 70% less electricity than traditonal robotic automation systems, and its seamless integration with BetterBuilt Tunnel Washers results in 30% less steam and no cold-water usage during operation, making it an economical choice. Additionally, its consistent operation ensures maximum uptime, saving on labor costs. 

    Want to Learn More About Activ Automation? 

    Looking to boost your operations with cutting-edge automation? Discover how Activ Automation can transform your workflow, increase efficiency, and drive productivity to new heights. Whether you’re interested in streamlining manual tasks, optimizing resource allocation, or enhancing overall performance, our comprehensive guide provides insights, benefits, and real-world applications of this transformative technology. Don’t miss out on unlocking the full potential of Activ Automation for your facility—visit our page today to learn more! 


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