Press Releases

Allentown Announces Dane Kmetz as Director of Corporate Development

Allentown has hired Dane Kmetz as Director of Corporate Development, a newly formed role at the company.

Allentown and A.CO

Allentown and A.CO recently decided to bring their partnership to the next level. On September 4th, 2019, Allentown officially became 100% owner of A.CO.

Allentown Announces Creation of Capital Equipment Division

Allentown, the leading global partner to the biomedical research and laboratory animal science communities for more than 50 years, is proud to announce the creation of a new division which will further cement its reputation as a full solutions provider.

Allentown and Matachana Announce a Strategic Alliance in the Laboratory Animal Science Market

Allentown and Matachana group are pleased to announce an alliance in the USA and Germany, combining its dominant positions in laboratory animal science in both countries.

Allentown Partners with Capital Partners

Allentown is pleased to announce our partnership with Capital Partners Holdings, Inc. (“Capital Partners”; Allentown (, a leading global provider of life science solutions, and Capital Partners, a private equity firm managing a $600 million fund focused on long-term equity investments in leading management-held businesses, will combine expertise and capital to help Allentown solidify and expand its position as the world leader in biomedical research support.

From Challenger to Leader

Allentown continues to expand in Europe. We’ve recently acquired a new storage, logistics, and technical workshop site in Switzerland.