FORESIGHT IN 2020: Rethinking the Future of Your Washroom

  • As research budgets grow tighter and tighter, the need for researchers to maximize resources and space looms larger and larger. Some of the most significant individual expenditures in research facilities relate to washing, and while the need for this equipment continues to increase, so too does the need to do more with less.

    One part of the solution to this problem involves a careful consideration of specific washing goals. More specifically, an effort should be undertaken to answer key questions much like the following:

    • Can you reduce equipment needs and overall costs while improving productivity?
    • Can traditional setups like one rack washer and one tunnel washer be reconsidered without negatively impacting productivity and ROI?
    • Are you effectively maximizing your available, and expensive, floor space?
    • Are you accurately defining and measuring throughput?
    • Does the equipment you use, whatever it might be, effectively wash all of the systems and components you need washed?
    • Are you considering the complete picture when it comes to your washroom; e.g. are you looking at the weight and ergonomics of the equipment you use, and its impact on the health and well-being of your people?

    Having considered these questions, the answers may appear obvious, as most individuals would likely claim to want or need to do all of these things. The difficulty arises in finding the right expertise and the right equipment to help accomplish these goals.

    Allentown’s line of washing and contamination control systems were designed from the ground up to be more productive, more flexible and more cost effective than any other solutions on the market today – running smaller than other systems with respect to utilities and footprint, but larger with respect to throughput and ROI.

    The considered use of any of these systems, as advised and guided by Allentown’s team of washing professionals, can result in a more streamlined and functional washroom. The team has decades worth of professional washing experience and stands ready to share that expertise to help facilities make the wisest possible choices when seeking to implement or upgrade washing solutions.

    Recently, two members of that team – Dr. Patrick Hardy and Kevin Nederfield – presented a webinar on these choices and how best to make them. To view this webinar on-demand, click here.