Improving Life – it’s in our DNA.

  • Over 51 years ago Michael A. Coiro Sr. started a business with his wife Dorothy. When Dorothy became ill and received life-prolonging treatments developed through breakthroughs with animal research models, in housing units very similar to the units Michael was producing, he obtained a sobering view of what was at stake. 

    Every day, every decision he made from that point on was made with the realization that he and his company were an essential part of the team that was improving life. And as part of that team, Michael made sure that Allentown would be nothing less than exceptional. 

    Michael’s story is the foundation of all that we believe here at Allentown.  It is our heritage: to tirelessly pursue the most innovative and reliable housing solutions possible, with integrity and care, so that we may help improve life. This is why we routinely go above and beyond to satisfy our customers, this is why we are not just a vendor but a respected and relied-upon partner…because we know what is at stake and we care.

    We remain dedicated to being the most trusted global partner in life-saving research by providing critical solutions with integrity and care.


    Improving Life – it’s in our DNA…this is the big idea that drives us. We do our jobs, not for ourselves, but mainly for others: grandparents, moms, dads, siblings, spouses, children, neighbors, friends, pets…and even complete strangers. Much like all of you, we do our part each day to improve life.  We are proud of what we do and stand publicly as a testament to what hard work, care and compassion can bring to the world.  

    Officially launched at last year’s AALAS National Meeting in Denver, Colorado, USA, Allentown presented our new message to the Laboratory Animal Science community. 

    The new Our Story brochure, along with our new website and four-part corporate video series help explain and illustrate how Improving Life…it’s in our DNA has been, and will continue to be, the beacon that guides our every move. 

    The video series explains all of this in a personal context we can all relate to. They’re stories of people who faced a medical crisis of one sort or another and came out the other side – relieved, humbled, and appreciative for the new lease on life they were blessed to have been given through biomedical research.

    Through these videos, and other materials that we will broadcast in the coming months, we hope to write new and exciting chapters to a story that began more than half a century ago. A story based on serving science, with integrity and care.

    A healthier world where everyday heroes serve Science to save lives.

    To see the video series click here.