Innovations in Cages and Rack Systems

  • EASYCAGE RAT: Single-Use, Recyclable, Retrofittable Caging
    EasyCage Rat is a single-use, recyclable, retrofittable caging option that works in conjunction with Allentown’s NexGen Rat IVCs. Because it’s single-use, EasyCage is the perfect solution for challenges related to washroom down time, satellite facilities with no wash areas, BSL or quarantine work, and of course emergency planning. Click here for more information.

    THE MAX IVC: 20% More Cages in the Same Size IVC
    The new MAX IVC system – allowing reusable and/or single-use cages – maximizes available floor space by providing 20% more caging in a rack that is exactly the same size, and occupies exactly the same footprint, as Allentown standard IVCs…all under 2m!
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    WI-COM INSIGHT: True Intra-Cage Monitoring
    Wi-Com InSight monitors water leakage, temperature, humidity, light, and ammonia using monitors placed directly within each cage, and reports these conditions wirelessly back to an iPad central collection system in real time. Since each monitor is cage specific, you can use as many, or as few, as you need. No longer do you need to commit to an expensive, full rack system.
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