What You Can Do Right Now to Advance and Implement the 3Rs

  • Refinement, Reduction, and Replacement are a key part of humane animal research and quality science. However, to implement the 3Rs practices can be exceptionally challenging especially when working independently.

    The North American 3Rs Collaborative is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to advance science, innovation, and animal welfare research through collaborative 3Rs initiatives. They strategize in identifying and promoting these techniques that have strong evidence, substantial impact, and real-world practicality that bounds scientific research to forward progress. All their initiatives focus on learning from and collaborating with the experts across our industry, academia, and government.

    On Tuesday, February 22, Dr. Megan LaFollette of The North American 3Rs Collaborative took us behind the scenes of the NA3RsC and provided an overview of available and useable 3Rs resources that lab animal pros can begin applying in their own research environments right away. Every day, Dr. LaFollette and their team are dedicated to helping researchers and staff to increase the safe and thoughtful implementation of practical and evidence-based 3Rs techniques.

    Dr. LaFollette has her PhD in Animal Behavior and Well-Being from Purdue University where she also obtained a Master of Science in Animal Welfare. As Program Manager of the non-profit, she facilitates all the NA3RsC’s 6 key initiatives including refinement, rodent health monitoring, translational digital biomarkers, micro-physiological systems, compassion fatigue, and a brand new 3Rs certification course.

    Click here to watch our webinar for details on NA3RsC’s groundbreaking collection of 3Rs resources that you can use to do your part in advancing science, human, and animal welfare.