The Easy IVC Just Got Easier

  • Unveiled at the 2017 LASA Annual Conference in Birmingham on November 28th, the EasyCage is a disposable, recyclable (PET), retrofittable caging solution for the NexGen Mouse IVCs.

    Why disposable?

    • Differentiate your quarantines
    • Stock in case of an emergency situation or wash plant issues
    • Satellite facility with no washing capabilities
    • Facility undergoing major renovations


    • Removes the need for washing and autoclaving
    • Reduces cost for equipment, construction, and maintenance
    • Suppress operating costs associated with water consumption, labor and energy use

    EasyCage systems are delivered double-bagged, irradiated and ready for use in the vivarium.

    “When engineering the NexGen product line, our main goal has/will always be versatility and efficiency,” said John M. Coiro, President of Allentown, Inc. “What makes the NexGen unique is its flexibility. With the addition of the EasyCage, facilities need not choose between disposable and reusable caging. The NexGen Mouse IVC rack accommodates both reusable and disposable cage systems. One rack – two solutions.”