How Do I Retain My Best Talent? Lessons in Organizational Retention Through Belonging Strategies

Presented by
Donna Matthews Jarrell, DVM, DACLAM

Responsible leaders at all levels have significant challenges these days when it comes to ensuring that the care provided by their teams is of the highest quality and exceeds regulatory requirements while controlling costs and meeting critical timelines.

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Speak Up About Animal Research: The Impact of Openness Around the World

Presented by
Wendy Jarrett and Paula Clifford, MLA, CVT, RLATG

This session attendees will learn about animal research openness activities in the UK and the US, their impacts and progress, and how you can get involved.

Of Mice and Humans: Elevating Laboratory Mouse Welfare for Robust Behavioral Experimentation

Presented by
Dr. Thomas D. Prevot, PhD

This session will offer a comprehensive exploration of animal welfare within laboratory settings, with a specific emphasis on mice.

Embracing Our Emotions in the Workplace

Presented by
Morag Mackay

It’s normal to experience emotions at work: frustration, anxiety, anger, fear, excitement, and joy, to name a few. However, how leaders handle these feelings can be crucial to building up or wearing down employees.

Words Matter! Advocating for Traumatic Compassion Dissonance

Presented by
Lisa M. Kelly, M.Ed., R-LATG

In this session, Lisa M. Kelly, M.Ed., R-LATG, of University of Georgia will explain why the current terminology hampers our efforts to educate the public about our vital, life-saving work.

“Wilding” of Laboratory Mouse Gut Microbiota at GSU

Presented by
Michael W. Hart, DVM, MS, DACLAM
Rex A. Howard, DVM, DACLAM

For the past several years, one of Georgia State University’s (GSU) investigators (who studies inflammation and translational immunology) has had an ongoing study concerning the “wilding” of the laboratory mouse gut microbiota. We will discuss the mechanisms of wilding utilized, the success of the mechanism realized (shift in gut microbiota and immune phenotype), applications of the model, as well as challenges along the way.

The Regulations, Policies, and Procedures for Caring About Your People

Presented by
Jarrod Nichol, MBA, PMP, CLSSBB

This presentation will focus on developing internal policies and procedures specifically for your staff. We will discuss some quick wins that can help set your animal care program on the path to true employee engagement that will have a huge positive impact on your overall animal care program.