An Easy Solution: Single-Use Caging

  • The EasyCage is a single-use, retrofittable caging solution from Allentown. As the latest in a growing line of Easy Solutions that began with the introduction of the NexGen, the EasyCage not only satisfies all of the traditional requirements of disposable caging, but – due to its unique interchangeability with reusable caging on Allentown IVC racks – also offers users the flexibility to modify their research programs as their needs evolve.  So whether you’re integrating a facility-wide disposable caging program, prefer to maintain flexibility between disposable and reusable caging, or require a solution for Satellite facilities, Quarantine, BSL-2, or washroom disruption situations, implementing the EasyCage couldn’t be any easier.

    The EasyCage system is comprised of a Cage Base, Cage Lid, Water Bottle – pre-filled or empty – Feeder, NestPak Bedding Packet, and Cardholder. The Base, Lid and Water Bottle are made from recyclable, BPA-free, PET plastic, while feeders are available in recyclable polypropylene, stainless steel, or sheet metal aluminum. All EasyCage components come decontaminated and ready to use right out of the box. When finished using the EasyCage, bedding is discarded, and the cage can be recycled within existing facility recycling programs, or – dependent upon regional capabilities – the EasyCage can be introduced into a waste-to-energy program that converts plastic into alternate fuel supplies.


    In addition to the traditional benefits provided by most disposable caging, the EasyCage provides several key advantages that are unique to its innovative design:

    Easier Docking and Overall Ergonomics.

    Unlike other disposable systems available today, docking and undocking the EasyCage is smooth and easy. In third party testing performed by a Certified Professional Ergonomist, the EasyCage was found to require 96% less force to undock, and 80% less force to dock the cage versus competing systems. Not only does this improve staff ergonomics, it also improves animal well-being, with less vibration when manipulating cages. The same certified ergonomic testing also showed that the NexGen IVC in which the EasyCages were housed was far easier to move than competing racks.

    Filters and Filter Seal Integrity.

    Every EasyCage has 3 standard filters; one on the supply port, one on the exhaust port, and one on the lid resting above the feeder to provide contingency airflow. Unlike a competing system, whose standard cage leaves some ports exposed to the room when undocked, the filtered ports of the EasyCage provide the highest levels of security for the microenvironment. Additionally, each of these filters is permanently sealed to its surface and cannot become dislodged, unlike the mechanically affixed filters of the competing system.

    Auto Water Option.

    Because automatic watering is the preferred method of many researchers, and because some of the existing IVCs on which the EasyCage can be used will have automatic watering already installed, the EasyCage provides an optional stainless steel grommet that twists easily into the cage base and integrates with your automatic watering system.

    Better Visibility.

    The EasyCage Cardholder is affixed to the lid of the cage system, providing approximately 2½ inches of visibility into the base. The cardholder of a competing system affixes lower on the cage and can obscure an observer’s visibility of the animals within.

    Bedding and Enrichment All in One.

    EasyCage bases can be purchased empty or pre-bedded. Pre-bedded cages contain NestPaks, which are self-contained bedding packets that utilize the animals’ natural instincts to make nests and shred material. NestPaks offer a convenient way to deliver a consistent amount of irradiated bedding, with the added benefits of built-in enrichment at no additional cost, and the elimination of mess when un-stacking pre-bedded cage bases. EasyCages can be delivered pre-bedded with ¼-in ALPHA-dri®, ¼-in Corn Cob, or ⅛-in Performance BioFresh™.


    In addition to housing mice, the EasyCage product line also offers housing for rats. Plus, our MAX high density IVC system is available with both a single-use EasyCage, and a reusable NexGen cage. All of these IVC systems are extremely flexible and retrofittable, meaning: the same rack that houses your NexGen cages is also the rack that can house your EasyCages. And it’s not just NexGen IVCs! Existing XJ and Type II IVCs can also accommodate EasyCages for mice, making it even easier for Allentown customers of many stripes to realize the benefits and flexibility of the EasyCage system!


    And because you’re working with IVCs from Allentown, you can be certain of their durability, ease of use and cleaning, and the superior customer service with which we support all of our products.

    Like all of our cage systems, the EasyCage employs our industry leading Air-at-the-Cage-Level airflow system – which produces lower levels of pressure and ammonia, promotes higher oxygen levels within the cage, reduces leaks and energy consumption, and contributes significantly to positive animal welfare.

    Finally, as an end-to-end Solutions Provider, Allentown is committed to providing a variety of options that can help you make the best choices for your animals and your research. We offer both reusable and disposable housing solutions and won’t try to steer you towards one solution over the other. Because both cage systems work in the same rack, you have the ease and flexibility to work the way you want to, free from the limitations imposed by one system over the other.