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  • Allentown Detergents Complete the Industry’s Only End-to-End Solutions Offering

    The safe and effective cleaning of cages, bottles, enrichment items, and other research-related accessories is essential in maintaining the health and welfare of research animals. And there are several elements to this process that must work in tandem to ensure that these accessories are cleaned to the highest levels. These include the washing equipment of course, but also the cages themselves and the detergent chemicals that are used on them. With the recent introduction and addition of a specially-formulated line of detergents, Allentown becomes the only animal housing provider in the LAS industry directly responsible for the manufacture of all three of these critical components.

    Being the only end-to-end washing solutions provider enables Allentown to close the loop on all of your washing requirements; providing a single point of contact for supply, service, and support, but also the assurance that every washer, cage, and detergent has been designed to work perfectly together. That said, Allentown Detergents can also be used in washers provided by other manufacturers, as their proprietary chemical formulations were developed specifically to combat the types of organic soiling, lime and uric scale that is so prevalent in all laboratory animal housing. And while the detergents are highly effective at cleaning the cages, recent testing has shown that they are equally protective of the polysulfone from which most cages are made, using organic citric acids and other gentle, yet effective ingredients. Indeed, the ingredients and formulation of Allentown Rinse help it meet AK KAB and other global guidelines.

    Allentown AlkaliAlkali detergent using Potassium hydroxide Rodent cages – with Allentown Rinse
    Large animal cages – with Allentown Acid ± Allentown Rinse
    Allentown AcidAcid detergent using phosphoric and citric acid Rodent cages and Bottles – Allentown Acid only ± Allentown Rinse
    Larger species – Two phase wash cycle with Allentown Alkali ± Allentown Rinse
    Allentown Rinse Neutralising rinse aid using citric acid.
    Assists drying
    Neutralise either Allentown Alkali or Allentown Acid
    When in combination with Allentown Alkali and/or Acid
    Allentown NeutralEcologically-friendly neutral detergentLight- to medium-soiled rodent cages and bottles

    These organic ingredients also contribute to the ecologically-friendly nature of Allentown Detergents, as do the highly-concentrated formulations, which require less chemical to be used and therefore less to be introduced into the waste stream (less chemical usage also adds to the economic benefits of the detergents). Also, Allentown Detergents will be manufactured in a variety of global locations* to minimize delivery time and reduce its associated carbon footprint.

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    *Not available in North America.

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